View from the Studio

  • Darn it, I've been sidelined!

    Due to an injury, I'm having to postpone my online event scheduled for May.  Torn ligaments at the bottom of my right foot have sidelined me for a...
  • Mugging it up

    It's such fun to unload a great glaze firing! I'll have a small collection of mugs in my next online event.
  • Gratitude

    When I opened the online shop last Tuesday morning, it quickly sold out and – after pinching myself – I've been busy wrapping, packing, and shippin...
  • I took a bath yesterday

    It's a very rare occasion. Between the California drought and time, the tub sits like a remnant of a different time in the corner of the bathroom. ...
  • Holiday hustle is ON!

    The holiday hustle is ON!


  • Finally, I'm a calendar girl!

    Yes, it's true! At the ripe age of 64, I've become a calendar girl. When the next calendar rolls out for the International Ceramic Artists Network,...
  • It's Owl-o-ween in the studio this week!

    When I'm etching owls on a piece, the design takes on a life of its own. Each owl seems to have a distinct personality.
  • Ahoy there!

    Whales provide ongoing inspiration in my studio. Read more and see a few images.
  • Hanging on until the river flows again

    How following random paths of new-to-me ways of working has led me back to enjoying life in the studio again. Full of that feeling of discovery and "not knowing," I'm eager to share my excitement and take you with me on this journey.

  • Made-to-Order Mugs

    Made-to-Order Mugs... Join Studio Friends to get a sneak peek at new designs.
  • Cash for Camp!

    Because of the ongoing encouragement and support, we could step up one more time to make a little difference. 

    Since the pandemic, you've helped me raise funds for the Food Bank of San Luis Obispo ($1,553) and Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve ($2,024). And now making a donation to Camp Ocean Pines.

    In the scope of need, it doesn't go very far. I know these donations are just a teeny tiny drop in the bucket. But it's a drop... And that's something, right?

  • THANKS! - yes, in all uppercase - to UPPERCASE!

    What a thrill to be included in this book published by Uppercase! Ceramics, Profiles of Potters and Artisans, is part of the Uppercase Encyclopedi...