Cash for Camp!

Studio Friends did it again!

With your pottery purchases during the last online event, you helped raise another $728 for Camp Ocean Pines. It was part of my larger studio sale – and it was a tremendous success, selling out well before day's end. 

As I sit here tonight to write the check to Camp Ocean Pines, I'm filled with gratitude.

Because of the ongoing encouragement and support, we could step up one more time to make a little difference. 

Since the pandemic, you've helped me raise funds for the Food Bank of San Luis Obispo ($1,553) and Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve ($2,024). And now Camp Ocean Pines.

Late last year, I began working on pieces for Camp Ocean Pines and sold the first California Plate in December, raising the first $250. Now, we're adding another donation of $728.

In the scope of need, it doesn't go very far. I know these donations are just a teeny tiny drop in the bucket. But it's a drop... And that's something, right?

Pictured are two California Plates, created for the fundraiser for Camp Ocean Pines.

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