I took a bath yesterday

It's a very rare occasion. Between the California drought and time, the tub sits like a remnant of a different time in the corner of the bathroom.

But, yesterday – after my online event was sold out in just hours, after months of working, after weeks of preparing, after late hours and early mornings – I was drawn to it like a bee to honey.

taking a bathtub break

Even though it was the middle of the afternoon, even though my printer zipped out orders, even though I really need to scavenge for more boxes... I took a bath!

My hour in the tub made me feel extravagant, and totally pampered. I may even do it again tonight.

A friend joins me this morning to help with the packing and shipping. We will play holiday music and greet the new season, sending our best wishes out to all of you.

I hope you have your own get-away, your own place to recharge and pamper yourself when you need a break this busy season.

Wishing all of us some peace on earth this holiday.