Sister Act: A Collaboration

Working in two different studios with two different mediums, my sister and I have been coming together via zoom to collaborate on a joint exhibition of our work. The exhibition will combine her modern art quilts with my ceramic pieces.

Sharon's bold colorful pieces have been nationally recognized in the field, and she's always thinking beyond conventional patterns and designs. Unlike traditional quilts, modern art quilts are designed to hang on the wall. 

Both of us feature bold graphic shapes in our work, and this collaboration gives us an opportunity to merge ideas and take our designs even further. 

The end goal is a traveling exhibition in 2023.

Sisters working "together" via zoom in their studios.

It begins... For the first works, I'm riffing off of Sharon's large music-themed quilts. They area a delightful symphony of music and motion. My works-in-progress are shown beneath her pieces that inspired them. I'll be posting finished works as we go along.

Boogie Piano...


Above: Sharon working on her quilt Boogie Piano.

Below: Two views of my piece, shown after initial decoration before the first firing.

Boogie vessel with music graphics and pattern, by Patricia Griffin

Vessel shown in the leather-hard stage with initial mark-making.

Boogie Brass Band...

Sharon's piece: Boogie Brass Band
Above: Sharon's quilt Boogie Brass Band.
Below: My spin-off vessel in the works.