THANKS! - yes, in all uppercase - to UPPERCASE!

What a thrill to be included in this book published by Uppercase!

Ceramics, Profiles of Potters and Artisans, is part of the Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration. Written by Carole Epp and Julia Krueger, it is packed with beautiful photos and inspiring profiles. I am so honored and grateful to have been included!

The suggestion to submit my work to be considered came from a member of my Studio Friends. I am thankful for the nudge from Sharon Pattison, who sent the submission information and encouraged me to participate. 

So much of the delight in doing this work stems from the connections I've made with those who have encouraged me. The pursuit of a full-time career in art can be daunting, and the bolstering from my Studio Friends has often kept me going.

As I make my way through the book, I am again impressed by all the ways there are to work with clay. And, though I've been at this for awhile, there is still so much I want to try!

This book is part of The Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration. Aptly named!

You can check out the whole series here.