What I don't know... yet

In the middle of the first workshop session, our leader held up a tool I've never seen before, made some magical moves, and.... voila! 

It wasn't the only time I was to be surprised and delighted during the workshop earlier this year at Idlywild Arts in the San Jacinto mountains of California. Taught by the brilliant potter-artist Chandra DeBuse, it was a parade of ideas, supplies and ways of working that were new to me – even after two decades of working in clay.

Workshop instructor Chandra DeBuse holding up a piece she is working on.At Idylwild workshop, in the midst of making and learning.

A call home ended my time at Idylwild before the week was up, ... My (fully vaccinated) husband had what we suspected was covid and it sounded like a bad case. I packed up my car, taking with me unfired pieces to finish in my own studio.

As I drove away from Idylwild, my head was full of new ideas and my heart bursting with gratitude. In just three days, I had re-learned how much I enjoy being a student, and being in the midst of other artists. 

At the same time, I know that these past two years of working alone in my own studio has also pushed my art forward. I've developed a stronger style and deepened my understanding of processes and materials. I love my studio and my time here – and now I'm more convinced than ever that it only gets better with an annual injection of what I find in the workshop environment.

I'll soon be planning my next learning adventure. If you have recommendations, do tell! 

P.S. Mike's covid case was scary but he was over the worst in a few days. Thankfully, just in time to nurse me back to health after I caught it from him. We know we are among the lucky ones to have suffered only light cases.