Small Tray - Fancy Birds

Small Tray - Fancy Birds

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Perch these cheerful birds on your table!

Please note that this piece has a matte clear glaze (rather than the shiny gloss glaze in some of my pieces). This allows the etched, tactile nature of the piece to come through.

Perfect for an olive tray, this stoneware piece is handmade and hand-etched in my woodcut-style design, using traditional sgraffito (etching) techniques in a contemporary way.

GIFTING: Pair it with a jar of yummy olives for a unique and memorable hostess gift. Or send it to a friend as a one-of-a-kind gift. 

COLLECTING and USING: Great entry into starting a collection of pottery from contemporary makers. It is art you can use every day, and surrounding yourself with handmade objects is good for the soul!


  • Size: Approx. 1"H x 2.25" W x 7.5"L
  • Made of clay (a mix of porcelain and stoneware clays)
  • Formed by hand
  • Decoration etched through black underglaze and bisque-fired to approx 1945 degrees/F
  • Piece then covered with a matte clear glaze
  • Final fired to approx. 2200 degrees/F 
  • Pieces are food-safe