View from the Studio

  • Going green!

    There's no getting around it. Energy and resources are consumed at every stage of the making cycle – getting clay to the studio, making work, firin...
  • What I don't know... yet

    Taught by the brilliant potter-artist Chandra DeBuse, my recent workshop experience was a parade of ideas, supplies and ways of working that were new to me – even after two decades of working in clay.
  • The business of the art business

    A deep dive into my journey as an artist – and lots of advice for artists wanting to sell their work. Here's an introduction to my talk for the Ventura County Potters Guild and a link to the presentation. It's free!
  • Four Studios and 25 Years!

    A photo tour down memory lane... Four studios and 25 years of pottery!
  • Happy August!

    Thank you to International Ceramic Artists Network for selecting one of my pieces for their August pin-up in the 2022 calendar. I'm honored to be ...
  • Sister Act: A Collaboration

    My sister and I have been meeting regularly on zoom to work together on our vision for a collaborative exhibition featuring her modern art quilts and my ceramic vessels. Follow along with us as this takes shape in the months ahead!

  • Studio renovation underway!

    We are taking the big plunge and putting in an elevator down to my studio! I'm so grateful that we are able to do this. After dealing with a foot i...
  • Darn it, I've been sidelined!

    Due to an injury, I'm having to postpone my online event scheduled for May.  Torn ligaments at the bottom of my right foot have sidelined me for a...
  • Mugging it up

    It's such fun to unload a great glaze firing! I'll have a small collection of mugs in my next online event.
  • Gratitude

    When I opened the online shop last Tuesday morning, it quickly sold out and – after pinching myself – I've been busy wrapping, packing, and shippin...
  • I took a bath yesterday

    It's a very rare occasion. Between the California drought and time, the tub sits like a remnant of a different time in the corner of the bathroom. ...
  • Holiday hustle is ON!

    The holiday hustle is ON!